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Safety is Paramount on Every Building Site

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16:00 PM

No job in the world comes without its fair share of risks. However, some industries are more dangerous than others. The construction industry is one such industry where hazards are common. To avoid accidents, safety is paramount on a building site.

Here is why it is crucial to introduce safety measures, especially in the construction business:

1.    Protects the Public

Not only is safety important for workers, but it is also a crucial aspect for the public. Most construction sites are located in crowded areas filled with pedestrians and the general public. A lack of safety protocols may cause mishaps, and lead to accidents, putting innocent bystanders at high risk.

2.    Reduces Work-Related Accidents

Site safety also helps reduce work-related injuries and accidents, making workers feel safe in their working environments. The truth is that approximately a quarter of work-related fatalities take place in the construction industry due to the lack of safety protocols in place.

Common causes of injuries and accidental deaths include falling, getting struck by a heavy or sharp object, electrocution, or getting caught in between equipment. Adopting a culture of safety helps keep these accidents at bay.

3.    Helps Save Time and Money

After an accident that leads to a series of injury or worse, death, work has to stop. If the situation is severe, it might even trigger an investigation which means that no work can be done till authorities are involved, and research is on-going.

Accidents that take place on-site also increase the overall cost of a project. Some incidents lead to the damage of equipment and supplies, causing an increase in your cost of overhead. Moreover, injured workers need to be given compensation claims that shoot up the operating costs of a business. It is even worse if the victim is not a part of the construction company. In that case, a lawsuit may follow, shutting down the business entirely. To avoid this scenario and wrap up your project on time, it is important to ensure safety at the workplace.

It is common for construction businesses to have their memberships or accreditations from industry bodies revoked, especially when they fail to abide by health and safety standards. When that happens, a business loses its reputation, along with its old clients. Chances are, you might never get as much business as you might have in the past.

The Solution

Training plays a massive role in allowing a construction company to adopt health and safety measures, and implement them on their work sites. All employees involved with construction must be provided with relevant training so that they have the ability to spot potential risks on site and know how to react to a possible situation that needs extra attention.

Moreover, employees must know how to work alongside construction site risks so that all accidents can be kept to a minimum.

Developing safety measures might take some time, but they are essential for construction sites and workers. It is vital to protect the workers, community, business reputation, and of course, the future of the company itself. Even though risks are expected when working in construction, having safety measures can reduce accidents, and keep your workers healthy and happy.

Looking for protective solutions to introduce at your construction site? Give Assent a call today and let us guide you through all your options. Here, we take safety very seriously.